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We are a 501(c)3 non-profit focused on developing culturally responsive programming and curriculum to empower youth voice and community engagement





  • Work-based learning

  • Youth voice 

  • Identity & Culture

  • Youth organizing 

  • Culturally responsive reflection 


  • Work-based learning

  • Youth voice 

  • Identity Development

  • Youth organizing 

  • Culturally responsive reflection 


  • Youth engagement

  • Cultural responsiveness

  • Career Readiness 



  • Surveys 

  • Interviews 

  • Artifacts 





Our organization was founded out of a need to address the systemic and structural challenges that exist for youth of color. Robin Noel Morales and Bianca Lorenz met while working at Madison Park Academy, an OUSD public school, where programs in work-based learning and youth engagement and empowerment were created under their supervision to positively impact their experiences in education. 

Bianca Lorenz, MS is an educator in Oakland, CA. Bianca started her education career as a 7th grade math teacher and saw major gaps in cultural relevancy and responsiveness in math curriculum and college and career readiness in middle school. She transitioned to her current position as a Work-Based Learning Liaison to empower youth to address the gaps she witnessed in the classroom. With a bachelor's degree in psychology from UC Berkeley and a master's degree in education from Johns Hopkins University, Bianca has experience in curriculum development, program evaluation, and culturally responsive pedagogy. Currently pursuing her doctorate degree in Career Technical Education, Bianca's work aims to develop more equitable solutions and resources for youth to utilize their voices and power to make changes they want to see in their communities through work-based learning. 

Robin Noel Morales, LMFT has worked for Alameda County Health Care Services Agency, Center for Healthy School and Communities as a licensed marriage and family therapist. She currently coordinates the  mental health services at Madison Park Academy Middle and High School in East Oakland and previously helped to establish the health and wellness model of the REACH Ashland Youth Center.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Justice from New College and a master’s degree in counseling psychology from the Wright Institute. Robin has over a decade of professional experience working with youth in clinical and advocacy capacities. She has worked with underserved and vulnerable populations, incarcerated and sexually exploited minors, foster care youth and youth in transition. She has developed and supportive systems for them and assisted them in navigating institutions with more awareness and choice. She has provided clinical services and advocacy in and out of detention settings and supervised a clinical team. She also developed an expanded advocacy model for youth. She is rooted in strong social justice values and also demonstrates ability to hold a holistic perspective towards health and action. 

Bridging our skills in mental health, social awareness, youth empowerment, and curriculum development to address gaps in access and community development, we are here to support you and your organization to become the best youth advocates.  


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